Time to get moving on ranked choice voting

Dear Editor:

On Nov. 8, 2016, the voters of Maine approved “An Act to Establish Ranked Choice Voting.” Of all the ballot initiatives this question was of the utmost importance for citizen rights. We have seen the deep division of our two-party system grow immeasurably. While a third party may better represent many of us, we have continued to find ourselves between a rock (a candidate likely to win who is not our best representative) and a hard place (a candidate who represents us best but will draw votes, leaving one who decidedly misrepresents our values).

The act won by the second largest margin in the state’s history, has been ruled constitutional in four other states with the same act and can liberate citizens from party politics; so why is our Legislature dragging its heels? The people have spoken. Now let’s get our ranked choice voting going.

Dhyana Bisberg.


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