Time for a leadership reset

Dear Editor:

Donald Trump is now comparing himself to Churchill and Roosevelt! There is a big difference in his statements and character compared to theirs! Churchill and Roosevelt gained the trust and faith of their nation by being trustworthy and honest. They were able to get the people to stand together, endure hardships and face the challenges of their time. How does our President approach our crisis? Not by understanding the character and resolve of the American people to face the challenges before us. Instead he is dishonest and deceitful about the crisis facing our country and the world. Roosevelt and Churchill provided the moral compass and leadership to unite their country. Instead, Trump divides, belittles and shows little respect for the people he represents, and many of those he chooses to assist him, as well as much of the scientific community.

A great many have come to expect this behavior as just the way he is, thinking his style will solve our country’s many challenges. History teaches us that it will not. A strong leader sets an example, tells us the truth of what we need to know, displays empathy and humility, understands that some challenges we face have uncertain hardships and adversities. This is done by gaining our trust, helping to build our resolve and unifying a nation to a collective effort. It is the leadership we should expect and, I would hope, we deserve. Whether it’s Democratic, Republican or independent, big government or little government, at the very least we should be unified in expecting our leaders have integrity and a moral compass. Without it, we fail as democracy. Let’s reset the course and go in the right direction.


Alan “Chubba” Kane


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