Three cheers for our local businesses

Dear Editor:

These past two months have been uncharted territory for all of us. Despite the uncertainty and anxiety of this situation, so many in our community have made the decision to focus on being kind and supportive, showing the best of this peninsula.

We see this daily at the chamber through our member businesses and organizations and wanted to take a minute to shine a light on them. So many of our members have risen to the occasion in amazing ways — adjusting the way they do businesses, collaborating and supporting one another, become a positive resource, and staying up-to-date on changing state mandates, each doing their part to help keep our community safe and cared for during this critical time.

We know this has not been easy and that many are struggling and nervous about what the next few months will bring. That is why it is more important than ever that we support these incredible local businesses as much as we can. The chamber will keep a page with up-to-date member information on our website ( as a community resource.

The Blue Hill Peninsula is open for business year-round, so let’s come together, support each other and get through this together.

Chrissy Beardsley Allen

On behalf of the Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

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