Thoughts on Trump visit, RCV

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on two items I read in the June 11 American. One was in Jill Goldthwait’s column concerning President Trump’s visit to Maine. She states that the President didn’t invite Governor Mills to meet with him during his visit, but she fails to say that at Governor Mills’ press conference just three days earlier the Governor openly stated she didn’t want President Trump to visit Maine. Why would Trump invite Mills?

My second observation is about the letter from John Bradford about ranked choice voting and his opinion in favor of keeping RCV. Ranked choice voting goes against the principles of our electoral system, which is one person gets one vote for their favorite candidate and the candidate with the majority of the votes cast wins the election. All RCV really does is give voters several chances to vote against a candidate they don’t like so their vote can be used more than once. This should not be allowed.

Merle Cousins

Southwest Harbor

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