The worst is yet to come

Dear Editor:

It seems so useless watching the daily dose of news nowadays, just as if there were a real leader in the Oval Office. Instead, we are stuck with something quite different, something so bizarre with its verbal meanderings, observing a person who seems so detached from reality as to defy belief.

While the country staggers in a daily struggle to combat the deadliest virus known to man, we are treated to a boring, two-hour-long clown show, while Trump tells us how competent he is, how successfully he has led in the battle to conquer the coronavirus. Did we really hear him suggest swallowing poisons as a cure? Trump has contributed nothing even close to leadership in what is an unprecedented national crisis. Health workers have struggled to treat patients, while having to work without adequate protective equipment: masks, gloves and gowns. They have been in the front lines of the epidemic and many have died needlessly.

What is so ironic about this stubborn lack of leadership is the fact that Trump wants desperately to win a second term. Second terms most often rely on a strong economy. One would think that bolstering a falling economy would be foremost in his mind. It is. He thinks that getting people back to work regardless of a deathly virus killing thousands every day is a good idea. How stupid. A competent thinking person would do all possible to end the virus so that the country could go back to normal and the economy would begin to pick up as citizens went back to work without fear of contracting the disease.

Why has Trump not understood that simple solution? A form of paranoia is indicated. I think Trump genuinely believes that the whole pitiful situation is something trumped up by the Democrats. This kind of “thinking” will get us nowhere.
Shirley Chase

Winter Harbor