The wolves at the door

Dear Editor:

There is that old story about a boy and a wolf. Now, turn that tale around 180 degrees. Lots of wolves are out there and the boy swears up and down to the villagers and the sheep, “There are no wolves, all that howling is just the wind.”

Sound familiar? And convenient?

What better place to run a campaign from than in the isolation of the White House with the best medical care on the planet? I doubt Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield will let him get sick and die.

The fact that he caught it just after a poor showing at the first debate tells me this is just more of his trademark misdirection. It was his choice not to wear a mask, it was his choice to ridicule the doctors, it is his choice to run or ruin this country.

I’m willing to bet fearless leader will have a miraculous recovery just a week before the election all in an attempt to get the sympathy vote.

Rocky Stenger


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