The virus in the Oval Office

Dear Editor:

“If you don’t learn the lessons of history, you are doomed to repeat them.” That is more meaningful now than ever before.

“Propaganda has nothing to do with the truth.” Spoken by Goebbels 90 years ago and practiced by our Fuhrer every day.

As frightening, terrible and deadly as the COVID-19 virus is on humanity, the virus occupying the White House Oval Office is far worse and deadlier. The Great Leader tells us that “There are only 15 cases now, and soon it will go down to zero.” And, that “Like a miracle, when it gets warmer, it will disappear.” “We have more than enough PPE, devices, masks, gowns and ventilators for everyone.” “We are not shipping clerks for the states. This is a states problem.” “They just need to do a better job.” “This administration has done a great job. And, more tests have been done in our country than all of the other countries combined.” “I, and I alone have the total authority to reopen the states.” “It is a Democratic hoax.” “What have you got to lose?” “The governors should be thanking me for all I have done for them.” “Georgia should open its state completely.” “Georgia should adhere to regulations, and stay in partial shutdown.” “No! I take no responsibility.” “The WHO gave us false information, they and the Chinese are responsible.” “Hydroxychloroquine has great promise to kill this virus.” “You need to inject disinfectant into your body and along with heat and light, it may kill the virus.”

An illiterate, ignorant man occupies the Oval Office, and if defeated in November, probably won’t leave. He craves the power of the presidency, caring not for the populace, but only for himself. Three and a half years have proved that. Goebbels would have been proud and happy working for Trump! Oh, I forgot, he has Steven Miller. A close second.

Mark Hardison


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