The ugly side of Surry

Dear Editor:

A team of three volunteers from the Surry Historical Society participated in the Surry Community Improvement Association’s annual roadside clean-up on May 7. It exposed us to a sort of history that is no asset to the town.

We learned what litterbugs like for a meal and what fast food outlet it came from. Failed lottery tickets blazed an almost unbroken trail along the roadway, like breadcrumbs left to find a way back for more. The history of hard and soft drink consumption was writ large in the ditches with cans and bottles of every imaginable color and volume. The cigarette butts were as abundant as grains of sand on a beach. Smashed headlights and taillights, detached bumpers and side-view mirrors documented a history of crashes. Cast-off furniture revealed bad choices in home décor.

Roadside cleanup is a necessary civic duty for those of us who want to keep our town and state beautiful. We managed to enjoy the difficult work, but now we are glad to return to our preferred work of picking up and preserving the more meaningful aspects of Surry history. Litterbugs, are you listening?

John Curtis, Catherine Engel, Audrey Carter

Surry Historical Society

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