The truth finally comes out

Dear Editor:

It has taken two years but Trump has finally spoken the truth. He is proud to shut down the government. He wants a wall funded or he will not allow us to move forward. The wall he said over and over that Mexico would pay for (fake news).

How much of the American populace is demanding this wall? Shouldn’t we vote on it?

The $5.5 billion price tag is now $5.7 billion. Just a bit more. To start. Next time up maybe $10 billion, then $20 billion.

Trump promised to surround himself with the brightest and the best (fake news) and has had the largest and most expensive turnover in American history.

Let’s not get into the cost of all the Hillary emails (who cared and nothing found) or searching Trump Tower because Obama had it bugged (who believed it and nothing found). Then there is Russia. Can’t imagine the cost trying to cover up.

He lies, he colludes, he threatens, he tweets hate. He’s got to go or we may never get the chance to be great again. America has become a universal joke. Just check out Putin’s grin.

It is ironic that Melania has made bullying her “project.” Perhaps she could have a word with her husband.

Clara Bridges


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