The right prescription for rising drug costs

Dear Editor:

Right now, the Legislature is considering a package of vital and common-sense bills that will work to rein in rising drug prices and assure that all Mainers have access to affordable prescription drugs. Now is the right time to help Maine families afford their necessary prescription drugs.

Being able to afford one’s prescription drugs is particularly crucial for older Maine residents, and our state has the highest percentage of residents 65-plus in the nation. Rising drug costs force Mainers to make impossible choices. People shouldn’t have to choose between buying medicine and paying for food or rent.

The impact of these bills will empower Maine to determine when price gouging occurs, require pharmaceutical companies to provide information so that the true cost of a drug is transparent, further strengthen the program capping out-of-pocket cost of insulin for patients in state-regulated plans and include appropriate enforcement provisions.

Americans shouldn’t have to pay the highest prices in the world for the medicines they need. You can help advocate for lowering drug prices by calling your local legislators and getting their support on these drug prescription bills today. You can learn more at on how you can help support this legislative package.

Bridget Quinn

AARP Maine Advocacy and Outreach Director

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