The right choice for Surry’s kids

Dear Editor:

I am writing to encourage Surry residents to vote for Kerry McKim in the upcoming School Board election. Kerry is a responsible, thoughtful person dedicated to serving her community. She values the great school we have in Surry, recognizing the hard work of our teachers, administrators and staff, and has served as an officer in the Surry PTCO to support their work. It was in our work together with the PTCO that I met Kerry and her daughter. I am grateful for both her leadership and her friendship.

Kerry’s goal as a member of the School Board is to support our school in more deliberate ways by being part of the decision making. She looks forward to reviewing curricula, working hard to keep the school open and healthy and lending a parent’s voice to the board. She wants parents and community members to feel comfortable coming to her with questions and concerns, with a promise to follow through to help you get answers. Kerry is, indeed, approachable, reliable and thorough in all she does. In all things, Kerry will keep the education and experiences of Surry’s children as her top priority. She “wants the school to continue being awesome for [the kids] to grow up there.” Her daughter, my children, all children of Surry, that is who she aims to serve in this service to our great community. Again, I encourage all Surry residents to vote for Kerry McKim for School Board.

Liz Guthrie


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