The plus side of turbines

Dear Editor:

In reference to the Feb. 13 opinion piece “Just say no to turbines,” Laurie Nichols Kelly’s plea for

fewer turbines, I can sympathize with, and understand her concerns about having noise and

“ugliness” in their vicinity. Turbines really should be off in the distance on unused land that

mitigates their side effects. Traveling in Europe, where turbines are found in abundance, it is

clear that the rules of keeping these towering constructions far from houses are being followed.

Rational and intelligent people look to scientific data that projects that, having reached peak oil

production in 2005, we now have approximately 40 years before we enter the period of rapidly

declining oil reserves — this from scientists, not me. The effects of climate change from fossil

fuels continue to cause disruption and deleterious results. Wind, solar, tidal power and hydro

must be developed, or we will all be in trouble with energy. The shortsightedness and

ignorance of the current President is not helping.

Many will lament about bird kill. The accepted statistics on this is that there may be as many as

300,000 birds killed by windmills annually (although this number is still widely disputed). It is

estimated that construction towers kill 40 million birds a year, power lines kill another 140

million and cats kill hundreds of millions. We don’t like to kill birds — I get that — but turbines

aren’t as bad as some people would make out.

We are going to have to make changes in the future with regard to energy generation. Our

cars, our homes, our lives are all going to be affected. We can wait until it’s a crisis and fight

over the last oil reserves, or be proactive and ease into the next decades with a gradual shift to

green energy.

Edgar Stanley

Southbridge, Mass. and Milbridge

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