The plot sickens

Dear Editor:

The election is over. Joe Biden has won by thousands and thousands of votes, no matter what nonsense Trump is dishing out to the contrary. The Trump propaganda machine is working overtime, continuing to convince millions of his followers that he is revealing the truth to them and they, in turn, are swallowing the misinformation wholeheartedly. Here is where the plot has sickened.

For four years, Trump has told his crowds that police cruelty is OK. That has been accepted by crowds of Tea Party Republicans and scores of evangelicals, in a most un-Christian way. After a white supremacist torch parade in Charlottesville, Va., Trump stood up and brazenly referred to these neo-Nazi thugs as “fine people.” And his followers found no fault with this point of view. Trump has long found fault with the 75-year-old NATO alliances with European countries that have promoted cooperation among nations to prevent another holocaust such as the two world wars. Trump’s followers have found no fault with this unpatriotic viewpoint.

And as to protecting the planet from overheating and destroying human beings’ ability to survive the drying up of the Earth, Trump immediately tossed out the careful planning established in the Obama administration. Trump popped up and canceled the Paris Climate Accords involving many nations. And Trump’s hypnotized followers found no fault with this action. Trump can insult women, utter sexist remarks, mingle with the child sex trafficker Epstein and receive no disagreement among his political crowds who follow his rallies with stars in their eyes. And most puzzling of all is the apparent refusal to see the coronavirus pandemic as a real and present danger. Trump seems to have convinced intelligent people that ignoring the virus is OK, even suggesting once that wearing a mask is likely to spread the disease. Yes, apparently intelligent Americans are willing to go along with Trump even if it is over the edge of a cliff or into a coffin.

All of which proves that you can fool some of the people all of the time. The saddest upshot of all of this adoration of the MAGA is that these folks will probably never ever know how lucky they have been spared another four years of this heinous manipulation.

Shirley Chase

Winter Harbor

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