The mating ritual begins anew

Dear Editor:

The mating ritual starts anew, only this one takes place every two years. We are already being bombarded with campaign advertising in all forms of media that does not contain one bit of information that would help us make an informed decision how and who to vote for. The debate rages over who deserves credit for the “great economy and stock market” we currently enjoy, Obama or Trump. The truth is neither one of these poor leaders deserve any credit, as they both used the exact same playbook, which is mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren. You can make the case Obama inherited a train wreck and did the only thing he could, but don’t give him credit as he leaves the White House a multimillionaire and our grandchildren buried in debt. To be fair, what Trump and the current Congress have done is at best a disaster for the future.

Richard Ginn
Bucksport and The Villages, Fla.

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