The emperor has no clothes

Dear Editor:

It’s nothing new. This is not the first time that people have been duped by their political leaders. It is a significant reality of world history. It is so old in fact that in 1837, Hans Christian Andersen wrote a famous story about a vain emperor who finally is exposed before his subjects wearing no clothes. Like the emperor’s subjects in the folktale and like many people today, 70 million voters voted for President Trump because they believe Donald Trump is basically good and important even when they see with their own eyes the deficiencies of his character, even when they recognize so many of his statements, opinions and actions are inherently banal, base and wrong. In the Andersen story, it takes one small child unsullied by the prevailing atmosphere of blind adherence to declare the truth: the emperor is naked.

Today it takes slightly more than another 70 million voting citizens to pull the curtain aside and prove that America’s core belief in democracy is indeed still alive and well. Perhaps, even more important, we are finally reassured that truth will eventually prevail. It isn’t just Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have spoken truth to power; it is a very much an empowered black population that has again had enough of systemic racism, police brutality and an increasingly enlightened national population of all colors that challenges the unconscionable notion that COVID-19 is “not that bad” and that it will soon “go away” with the advent of a new vaccine with or without the necessity of wearing a mask!

President Trump has yet to have his “Come to Jesus” moment, but it is coming and not just to him but to his ardent supporters across the nation and to those elected state and federal legislators who, up to now, refuse to recognize the truth even when it looks them in the eye.

Linda Hayman


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