The angry oceans

Dear Editor:

Why the Tides are Angry

The oceans are swallowing the land,

We don’t see their slow ascent,

But we hear.

We hear of tsunamis,

Of climate change, of the angry tides rising.


The oceans will ravage our side of things

As the ice caps melt,

And they taste sand on their tongues,

As they lick the grime of the city streets.


But whose fault is it,

That the oceans are angry?

Angry because we feed them oil instead of fish,

Because we throw trash at their waves,

Hoping to bury our mistakes at the bottom.


But now the oceans are full,

They are sad.

The fish are gone, their homes long dead.

The coral reefs that once stretched for miles are now branches of grey.

The birds are dirty, they have nowhere to bathe

They wear coats of oil instead of sleek feathers so white.


This was never meant to happen,

The ocean was meant to live and support.

A vast, rolling blue sea.


But we melted its tall glaciers

We hunted its children

We stuffed it with waste.

And now,

we are the only things left.

So that is what the oceans will come for.


They will swallow the land that we walk on

until they reach our toes.

Then they will leave us,

Like we did them.

Without mountains and trees

And the beasts we call friends


They will take as much life from the land

As we did the water.


The oceans will swallow our home

And leave us alone

to a world that continues to grow hotter.


Elizabeth Domina

East Orland

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