Thank you, Sen. Rosen

Dear Editor:

I would like thank our State Senator Kim Rosen for supporting two clean power bills, LD 1711 and LD 1494, which I believe will have significant positive impacts on our power supplies and costs here in Maine.  LD 1711 will help businesses, municipalities and households access solar with little to no upfront costs using leases or shares in a community solar project. It also allows our town and other municipalities across Maine to invest in clean, local, renewable energy projects, lowering their energy costs, and saving taxpayers money. I also think this will increase the number of quality jobs for local electricians and contractors. We need more good paying jobs to keep our youth here in Maine.

LD 1494 will prioritize new in-state renewables including solar, wind and biomass heating here in our state. Made-in-Maine renewable power generation enhances energy independence, resilience and long-term economic growth for Mainers. I thank Sen. Rosen for not making this a partisan issue and supporting positive steps for Maine’s energy independence.  Please keep up your good work supporting polices that help all Mainers and looking out for the future of all Mainers in our great state.


Fred Trasko



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