Streamlining public safety

Dear Editor:

The brain trusts running (should I say ruining) this city want a new public safety building.

I have a few suggestions that might cut way down on the way over-bloated number of public safety people now drawing payment from the stolen funds of the people.

First, let us look at the Fire Department. Twenty or more years ago I suggested doing away with it and replacing the homes lost to fire. At that time the average property loss to fire was a home every two years, a new home cost approximately $20,000 and the Fire Department budget was over $400,000; you do the math.

Second, there is the Police Department. I have not talked to any of the people being taxed (robbed) by the city who think the police have anything to do with “public safety,” so you can scratch that. If you have nothing to do with “public safety” why should you be housed in a “public safety” building?

I suggest cutting way down on the overwhelming number of police officers. Here is how it can be done. First, do away with the idiotic war on drugs. Remember, if the government can tell you what you can and cannot put in your body you do not own your body. This would eliminate 50 percent; then let them stay in their station “on call,” like the present firemen, eliminating another 20 to 30 percent. Ninety to ninety-five percent of what they do is in violation of their oath(s) of office; they spend most of their time filling the phony so-called court of law with victims to be fleeced by Bar Card holders for their financial benefit. The court is not a court of law; it’s owned by the Bar and is an administrative tribunal, a criminal operation.

Richard Wayne Kane


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