Stop the spread

Dear Editor:

Aug. 7, 2020: Millinocket wedding. Oct. 2, 2020: Citizens are exposed at a church in Brooks. Oct. 19, 2020: Mike Pence rally at Dysart’s. Oct. 25, 2020: Donald Trump rally at Treworgys. These large events are super-spreaders of the coronavirus. Thousands of Maine citizens rallied and went to gatherings neither masked nor socially distanced. The negligence of communities and politicians who participated in these large events is insurmountable and begs the question, “When will Americans comprehend the severity of COVID-19 and take precautions to prevent it?”

As of Oct. 28, Maine was ranked one of the safest states in America due to the statistics of 469 cases per 100,000 people. According to the Maine CDC, this week, the coronavirus cases are in triple digits, which is a record-breaking number for Maine. Dr. Nirav D. Shah of the CDC declares, “The surge is here. Take action now [. . .] This is serious.” The pandemic is like war, thousands of Americans have died; we must take action to prevent more deaths.

Was it worth it for politicians to hold rallies and destroy one of the safest states in America? Was it worth it for communities and families to attempt bringing back a sense of normality even though it cost people their lives? The surge is here and could take everything away: school, jobs, friends, family and-so-on. With patience and the elimination of large gatherings, we can stop the surge and its effects on Maine’s economy and health.

Olivia Mamula


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