Why stop with limiting pot dispensaries?

Dear Editor:

Sooo! The more intelligent than the rest of us are going to limit the number of pot dispensaries. Of course I refer to the brain trusts you voters put in place you call councilors, to guide us unknowing down the right path in life and keep us safe from ourselves.

Now I wonder how many of you voters who approved the use of pot had any doubt the far superior among us would not jump on the opportunity to keep us unknowing from harming ourselves.

I do have questions about where their authority for this action comes from. While these brilliant ones will jump at the chance to show their authority source, maybe they will also answer where their property taxing authority comes from.

If the number of pot dispensaries are limited that will most likely keep the prices high, so why not limit the number of grocery stores and drug stores? Last, but not least, limit the number of places that can sell liquor, a far more destructive consumable than pot. These actions will drive up the cost of everything in Ellsworth, maybe keeping up with ever increasing and unconstitutional theft called property tax. I hope all celebrated our freedom on July Fourth. I only wonder where this so-called freedom is.

Richard Wayne Kane


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