Stimulus checks: what you need to know

Dear Editor:

Waiting for your $1,200 virus relief check from the government?

If you have not filed a federal tax return in the past two years, the IRS will not send your $1,200 economic impact payment unless you file a 2020 tax return. Some wage earners are not required to file a federal tax return but must do this now in order to get the money from the government. Social Security recipients should receive their $1,200 payment automatically even if they did not file a federal return. It is easy to file an IRS short form return online or you can mail one in.

You can also give the IRS your bank information so you can have your money deposited directly instead of waiting for a check to be mailed, which will take extra time. Go to for more information. If you do not have internet access or a computer, ask a friend to help you file your form. Tell your friends about this; many people need this money now but because they did not know they needed to update information with the IRS they will wait longer than necessary to get their funds. Time to help your friends!

David Zachow


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