Step up and defend ranked choice voting

Dear Editor:

If you’re wondering whether there is anything positive about politics these days, ranked choice voting is it. 2018 could be a pivotal year to elect a candidate who has the most popular support. Not just “slim margin wins all,” but a vote that reflects the choice of greatest number of voters.

I am excited that Maine now has a chance to lead the country with this more democratic electoral system. But if we want to have the opportunity to use this system in the 2018 state primaries, we must urge our elected officials, especially the secretary of state ([email protected]), to get to work making sure that this law is implemented in timely manner.

Ranked choice voting is the most important electoral reform we could hope for to mend the divisive way elections have been conducted. As a voter, you will have more choice, because you will be able to rank your first, second or third (etc.) choice of candidates. This gives everyone the chance to have options and to create a wider, more representative popular base instead of being left out completely by the old system.

As a candidate, you can focus more on issues instead of personal attacks. This encourages real leadership and gives voters a better idea of what you stand for.

Again, I ask voters to join me and thousands of other activists from across the political spectrum in defending this law from further attacks ( I know that once Mainers have an opportunity to rank their vote, they won’t want it any other way.


Nancy E.Galland

Stockton Springs

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