Some recommended reading for Trump supporter

Dear Editor:

Yet again you demean the Letters page of The Ellsworth American by printing the analytically barren (vacuous is a more accurate description) efforts of Phil Grant in the July 5 issue (“A president who knows economics.”) Apparently all Grant can do is compose blind, mind-numbing paeans to Donald Trump.

I cannot say for certain whether Mr. Trump knows anything about economics or not, but the evidence highly suggests he does not. However, I can say without fear of contradiction, except by Mr. Grant of course, that Grant himself does not. In fact, given his pronouncements on economic theory it is dubious he ever took a class in economics.

Grant could benefit greatly by picking up a copy of “Economics” by Paul Samuelson, now in its 19th printing, and spend some quality time absorbing — I won’t suggest mastering — the material contained therein. The book is among the very best introductory texts to economics and is easily obtained on Amazon. If Grant purchases it and can demonstrate that he even read it, I will be glad to underwrite this phase of his education by reimbursing him for the cost of the book purchase. Consider it my contribution to elevating the quality of your commentary pieces.

Why in the world do you print such claptrap?

  1. Wilson Thomas II


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