Some questions for the maskless

Dear Editor:

We’re fortunate in the rural counties that our cases of COVID-19 appear under control. But I have to wonder, the signs outside stores clearly state masks are required. We know they won’t completely prevent the spread of any disease, but they will help slow it down — that’s the idea. So I ask, why don’t you wear a mask?

  • Is it the availability? Can you not find one? People everywhere are making them and giving them away, if not literally then practically.
  • Did you forget yours? Maybe those employees stationed out front counting customers entering can be given a supply of disposable masks to distribute for would-be patrons without?
  • Are they uncomfortable? We get it — they’re no fun, but neither is being on a ventilator, or burying loved ones.
  • Do you not like the way you look with one? Beside the creative designs of some masks, they’re not fashionable, but few are competing in beauty contests.
  • Is it against your religion to cover your face? Do you believe that God will protect you and others who deserve saving? What religion places the appearance of the individual over the well-being of your neighbors and friends? Who made you the arbiter of who is and is not saved?
  • Is it because you’re unafraid? You may be young and healthy, but you can still unknowingly carry it to those who aren’t, before you’re symptomatic.
  • Do you think it’s all fake news, and the virus isn’t real? Even Trump acknowledges people are dying from it.
  • Is it because no one has the authority to force you to? Government “forces” us to do many things for safety when performing voluntary activities. Have a license, insurance, buckle up and get annual safety inspections on cars we drive. Stand behind the yellow line on buses we ride. Wait for the signal to cross the street. Wear safety equipment on job sites. Get our dogs rabies vaccines. We are forced to because most are too careless to do so on our own. It’s not all about you. Is someone else’s life not worth your minor inconvenience?

No? Then what’s your excuse?

Roy D. Gott