Solidly behind Sara

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Sara Gideon for U.S. senator. As a retired Navy veteran, I’m increasingly frustrated and justifiably frightened by what is happening in Washington — by a President and those that have supported his efforts to undermine what I believe this country can and should stand for. The selection of Brett Kavanaugh by discounting his accuser, behind the scenes degradations of much-needed EPA causes, disrespectful treatment of Lt. Col. Vindman, presidential involvement in uniquely military trials and weakening of the VA through attempts to dissolve its unique support for veterans and their problems are included. Each facilitated by Sen. Collins’ continued support of the President’s bullying demands with the utmost fealty.

I see in Sara as a bright new participant on the national stage with experience in support of Mainers and its veterans, which make up a proportionately high percentage of its population. She has made positive inroads in support of veteran homelessness issues and in addressing the shortage of needed medical and mental health access, which is difficult in our rural state. I see her efforts expanding and becoming even more successful on the national stage. We need someone to stand up for that and much more — for our state and country.

When I vote by mail-in ballot please, my vote for out next senator will be clearer to me than ever before and it will be for Sara Gideon — without any reservation.

Lt. Cmdr. T.H. Butler Smythe, USN (ret.)

Blue Hill

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