Society’s downward spiral

Dear Editor:

I dream the dreams of time gone by — of times of civility, common sense, manners, of greater unity than divisiveness, of times when role models at home, in the community and nationally expressed positiveness with a strong moral compass. Individual rights were sacred and came with responsibility. You could not yell fire in a movie theater, manners were applauded, hunters used appropriate guns for hunting, people protested to make their world and the world a better place and not demonstrate in favor of hate and prejudice like in Charlottesville, Va. Teenagers could not take assault weapons, travel and cross state lines, seek out a protest, shoot and kill two and wound another in the name of self-defense and be legally exonerated.

We are racing toward national suicide. While destroying ourselves, we are ignoring the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the aggression of Russia and China, the craziness of North Korea with bigger missiles, climate change, overpopulation with more poverty and the wholesale destruction of Mother Earth. We are insane, one might think. We are willing to oppose clean energy and accept as “it’s all right” terminal black lung disease caused by mining coal and the associated billions of health costs — rather than transition to safer and better clean energy jobs. We can run for office as long as we win. If not, it’s a fraud. And while running for office we will have our own security militia sidestepping traditional law enforcement.

Why? Bad parenting by many. Lousy role models at some homes and as broadcasted by an unrelenting media. Our words as leaders, as parental, educational, sports, entertainment or politician role models, matter — for good or bad. If you are a national sports figure and lie to the nation about being unvaccinated, that is your truth. In this case your words cause death.

Pause! Reflect! Take a breath. Write a letter to self about what would make your world better without harming others. Be for something.

Michael Shapiro

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