Socialism at its best

Dear Editor:

The “Maine People’s Alliance” doesn’t really represent Maine people. Their latest scam, the “free” home care referendum, is simply more socialism at its best. And that’s not even taking into account the cronyism. Taxing hard working Maine families by referendum is unconstitutional in Maine. Why don’t these groups (that are largely funded by out-of-state entities, i.e. billionaire George Soros) appreciate and understand that Mainers don’t need their garbage ideas.

To make matters worse, passing Question 1 as the MPA wrote it would create another cash-guzzling state agency. A new board that would be elected by secret ballot by, if you can believe this, the people who receive benefits or payments from the very board that defines and controls those same benefits and payments. It’s pure old-fashioned cronyism.

They also clearly do not care about the privacy of individuals. Question 1 forces DHHS to turn over to this crooked, unregulated board the names, addresses and email addresses of those people who receive care and their families. That information is then made available to political and advocacy groups as well as unions, which means that those receiving care (and their families) will be receiving more unwanted calls and emails asking for money and political support. Question 1 is bad for Mainers. There must be a better way to help our seniors who struggle with caring for themselves without putting everyone else at risk. I will be voting “no” on Question 1.

Dave Gulya

Blue Hill

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