So you think you’re safe

Dear Editor:

A common concern about COVID-19 is “who is most at risk?” Some people say those individuals should protect themselves, that it is not our job to protect them.

Many of you are aware that the disease is more likely to result in death or severe illness in the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. We need to recognize how wide this group is.

Anyone with significant lung disease, including moderate or severe asthma, is at increased risk.

If your parents are over 65, they are at increased risk.

If someone you care about has diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease or heart disease, they are at increased risk.

If you are significantly overweight or take strong medicines for cancer or arthritis, you are at increased risk.

If you are an athlete, you could become weak and debilitated for months; if you are planning to join the service, you may become permanently ineligible to enlist or accept a commission.

If you or someone you love is pregnant, the result could be an early, small, weak infant with all the suffering that causes.

Please support our community and our nation by wearing a mask whenever you are within 6 feet of others, following physical distance guidelines and self-isolating and getting tested if you do not feel well.

J.R. Krevans Jr., MD

Chair, Infection Prevention, Mount Desert Island Hospital

Member, Downeast COVID-19 Task Force

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