So much for free speech

Dear Editor:

I have never in my 82 years posted a political sign on our property or vehicle until this year, mostly because my wife and I are registered in different political parties and we agreed we would not do that. This year was different. I am convinced that the re-election of Donald Trump as our president is not in the best interest of our great country and I decided that even though I’m a registered Republican, I would do everything in my power to see that he is defeated.

My wife agreed that for the very first time we would share our agreed position with our friends and neighbors by putting a poster on our property on Newbury Neck Road in Surry. It had to be special and personal. We agreed that I would place a poster “REPUBLICAN FOR BIDEN-HARRIS.”  The poster was placed, and we received good comments from friends congratulating us on our agreed political stance.

Alas, after about a week the sign disappeared. So sad. So much for some Trumper Republican Party member’s idea on freedom of speech and expression. It’s time for us Republicans to get rid of Trump and his puppet senators, reorganize, and get back to the basic principles of the traditional Republican Party. Vote!


Thomas Grogean


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