Setting the record straight

Dear Editor:

A recent letter writer asked why people have to go to court to settle their fines and suggested that the courts should create the ability to pay fines online. In fact, Maine courts implemented online fine and traffic payment several years ago. Anyone with a credit or debit card can go online to pay court fines and traffic tickets. Here is the link to the home page where you will see prominent links to pay fines and traffic tickets:

Last year, there were 21,835 fine payments online, for a total of $2,616,293.42.

Fines also may be paid by mail, in person at a local courthouse, or by telephone (1-866-729-8499). In sum, there are four different ways to pay fines, including online. The 16 people ordered to the Ellsworth District Court were people who were seriously in arrears on their fines and had not contacted the court to make a new payment plan.

Finally, the letter writer was incorrect: a bill to prohibit the loss of a driver’s license was not passed by the Maine Legislature last session. It was carried over, and will be subject to further legislative consideration this session.

Mary Ann Lynch

Government and Media Counsel

Administrative Office of the Courts

Maine Judicial Branch


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