Senator misinformed on ranked choice voting

Dear Editor:

I’m sorry to write two letters in a row challenging State Sen. Brian Langley, but feel compelled to respond to his recent comments in this paper’s article about ranked choice voting. He is quoted as saying “that it really makes the voting process much more complicated with several ballots.” I’m told that he’s a nice guy, so assuming that’s true, I must believe that he’s not intentionally misleading the public in order to maintain the current two-party stranglehold on our government. If deception isn’t his game, then I hope he was misquoted, because the only other explanation seems to be a disturbing level of ignorance about an important issue he has voted on.

A few minutes of research on websites such as shows that ranked choice voting uses one ballot much like the ones we are used to, but instead of just marking an X for your top choice, you can mark your first, second and third choices. I’m sure that isn’t too complicated for the average Maine voter, and it’s well worth the effort to elect politicians supported by at least half of the voters. If this is too complicated for Sen. Langley, I think we should elect a new state senator more suited to the job.

Florence Reed


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