Sen. Collins’ words are at odds with her actions

To the Editor:

I wonder what Sen. Susan Collins is thinking about her contributions to the radical GOP agenda – at odds with how she presents herself and with the interests of her constituents. Collins words are increasingly at odds with her actions. Can we trust her judgement?

Collins voted for the Trump tax bill which claimed to have incentives for industry and trickle down benefits for average Mainers. In fact, recent analyses show that those profiting from the changes have pocketed the money rather than investing, innovating, or paying workers. Tell me you didn’t see that coming.

Collins voted Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court claiming that she trusted him to uphold the established law of Roe vs Wade. With life threatening anti-abortion laws cascading in from conservative states, is Collins still so confident? Are you?

If Mainers are getting higher salaries, it is because of higher minimum wage laws championed by Democrats. If women in Maine will have continued access to reproductive health care and reproductive choice, it is because of Democratic legislators and our Democratic governor.

If Collins can be considered moderate at all these days then it is only in comparison to her extremist Republican party or by her mild discomfort with President Trump’s outrageous actions and administration. And Collins seems pretty much unconcerned by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s predations on regular order and rule of law.

The Senate needs a Republican voice calling for President Trump to be held accountable for his misdeeds and calling on Leader Mitch McConnell to do his job by bringing bills passed by the House for debate in the Senate. That is not a high bar for moderation or ethics. Our increasingly blue wave state needs fair representation. To keep Maine’s Senate seat, Susan Collins needs our first and second ranked choice votes. Will she try to buy them with the massive reserves of conservative out of state money she is piling up or will she earn them by doing a better job voting the will of Mainers when it most matters?

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

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