Selfishness not in short supply

Dear Editor:

A little bit of concern for others goes a long way, especially in times of trouble.

It is regrettable to see the lack of that concern, as evidenced by the binge shopping that has been going on. County supermarkets have huge gaps on their shelves, not because of supply chain issues, but because some citizens are buying up bulk quantities of everything in sight, leaving nothing for their neighbors. Absent any letup in this orgy of selfishness, I suggest that markets limit the number of a given item a customer can buy. For those of you too young to remember, or who never cracked a history book, it was a criminal offense to hoard essentials, or to engage in price gouging or black market commerce, during World War II. This was true here in the States, and in the United Kingdom. Penalties were severe.

If we’re all going to get through this period of hardship, it will require some self-discipline, and some fellow feeling. Go easy on the bulk buying, people. It creates needless hardship for your friends and neighbors.

Henry Smith


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