Seeking signatures for Savage

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in support of Lisa Savage to help get her name on the 2020 ballot. Lisa is running as a Green Independent Party candidate against Susan Collins in a historic Senate race using ranked choice voting (RCV). And because of RCV, we can vote our conscience without having to worry about a “spoiler effect.”

Lisa is not well known in our area. However, several of us who live on the Blue Hill Peninsula have worked with Lisa for years on social justice issues, such as the conversion of Bath Iron Works and the “No Tax Break for General Dynamics” campaign, which saved the state of Maine $15 million. She is the founder of Maine Natural Guard, bringing to the forefront discussions on the effects of militarism on our environment.

Lisa is a teacher, organizer and grandmother from Solon, Maine. Her campaign is truly grassroots. As her website states, Lisa is running “to give Mainers a senator who will work for the people, not for the powerful.”

I’ve only been involved in electoral politics twice, as a delegate for Dennis Kucinich in 2004 and as a supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016. It is because I know Lisa’s values, her understanding of complex issues and her unswerving commitment to our state and nation that I was willing to switch to the Green Independent Party. No one will be happier than I if Bernie Sanders is elected president! Should we be that fortunate, Bernie will need people of unswerving character and boldness to support real progressive values, real democracy. Lisa Savage is one of those people.

Please look at Lisa’s website. Study her positions on the issues. If you find she reflects your values as she does mine, I ask for your help in getting her name on the ballot. We need 2,000 signatures of registered Green Independent voters by March. If you are a Green Independent Party voter or will register as one, please contact me. I’d be happy to bring you Lisa’s petition to sign. Help us elect a senator for “people, planet and peace.” Contact me at (207) 374-2068 or [email protected]

Connie Jenkins

East Blue Hill

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