School safety a priority for Hutchins

Dear Editor:

I write this letter in support of Sherman Hutchins, who is a candidate for state representative for House District 131, which comprises the towns of Dedham, Otis, Orland, Penobscot, Stockton Springs, and Verona Island. Sherm has been a longtime resident of Penobscot. He previously served in the 114th Maine Legislature. Sherm has always had an interest in serving his community and others. Over the last 30 years, he has been moderator over 70 times for local towns.

Sherm and I have had several discussions about education. He is interested in education and the best we can do for our children. What is of primary concern to him at this time is safe schools. He, like many others, feels that students should not be afraid of going to school and that they should be protected while in their school environment. In a letter to the editor earlier this year, he talked about a collaborative effort with law enforcement personnel. This is a great idea!

Sherm will continue to look for ways to help improve the safety of our schools and our communities should he be elected.

May Bouchard, Ed.D.

Former Superintendent of Schools

East Orland

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