Santa’s big helpers

Dear Editor:

The Maine Seacoast Mission offers a sincere thank you to the numerous volunteers, donors and local businesses who helped with our Christmas Program this year.

Without these helpers we would not have a successful program.

This Christmas, the Mission provided gifts for 1,524 area children and seniors, who each received an average 15 presents. From donor to wrapper, each gift represents a lot of time and thought.

Thank you also to the other area Christmas programs who worked with us to make sure all families in need were served.

Many of our neighbors took tags hung on trees in Marden’s, Renys and other area businesses and purchased needed items. Others knit hats, mittens and lap robes for children and seniors, or gave their time to wrap gifts.

Thanks again to everyone in the community who helped make this a good Christmas for so many of our neighbors.

Marilyn Nickson

Maine Seacoast Mission Christmas Program Coordinator

Bar Harbor

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