Saluting Sheriff Kane

Dear Editor:

Nonprofit organizations often have similar mission statements that claim they want to empower people and organizations to build healthy communities together or support those who wish to further their education. These organizations’ mission and vision statements are noble goals and without question do great work. In fact, if it were not for these nonprofits many of our citizens would be unable to pull themselves out of debilitating circumstances. However, when a nonprofit organization supports a social movement or organization that promotes the call for the death of police officers, rioting, looting and destruction of businesses and the defunding of the very organization that puts their lives on the line 24 hours a day to protect and defend its citizens then the very nonprofit they run is misguided and counterproductive to their mission and vision statement.

Recently, an unimaginable brutality was exacted on George Floyd, resulting in his death. It is understandable how this or any provocative event such as the storming of the Capitol make it easy to get caught up in the emotional vortex and momentum of a movement whose cry for social justice is salient. Unfortunately, the criminal behavior of looting, rioting, harm of police officers and innocent civilians swirled out of control and the irresponsible encouragement by politicians to continue this criminal behavior delegitimizes a movement.

With that said, all nonprofit organizations should think twice before they throw their support behind any movement and examine if that movement’s actions, words, and endorsements by political leaders’ conflict with their values. Otherwise, they may compromise their values and tarnish the great works they have accomplished in the past.

As a citizen of Hancock County, I appreciate Sheriff Kane’s leadership and support his decision to suspend the nonprofit that provides services to those incarcerated in the county jail regardless of how much they benefit the community. It takes courage to stand up to the political winds that have engulfed our nation and take action that questions the motives of any organization who knowingly or benignly support a movement that promotes violence on its citizens and those who serve to keep our community safe.

Thank you, Sheriff Kane!

David Burks


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