Saluting our health care system

Dear Editor:

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly eye-opening and concerning to me. While I am glad to see that our state’s new cases continue to decline and we are on Stage 3 of our reopening plan, I am still taking the necessary precautions when I leave my home.

This new way of living has certainly had its challenges. However, it has come with a few positives as well. Living in a rural area has its challenges of getting to the doctor’s office or pharmacy. There are times I have to travel up to an hour and a half for a routine checkup. Now, in the face of COVID-19, my doctors are adapting to ensure rural patients like me can still receive care.

We have a great local pharmacy and they have done very well to keep patients stocked with their necessary medications. Recently, I have been able to use technology to check in with my doctors, which has taken the burden of driving long distances off of my shoulders. This has not only made my life easier, but not having to go to a crowded doctor’s office has made me feel safer.

I recognize that this would not have been possible without the flexibility and hard work of our health care system — from the manufacturers and distributors to the doctors and pharmacists. Seeing the way these companies have shifted has given me confidence that once a vaccine is made, the health care industry will not stop until all of us have access.

Violet Grant

Columbia Falls

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