Retirement security is possible

Dear Editor:

LD 1622, which is before the Legislature this year, will make a tremendous difference for Mainers when they retire. Currently one-third of all Maine employees have no retirement savings. Under LD 1622, employees will have the option to have a payroll deduction that will be invested for their retirement.  

Small and medium business will not contribute to the fund and need only set up the payroll deduction. This will make a huge difference for Mainers who will be better able to meet their basic needs when they retire. Taxpayers will save millions of dollars from a reduction in public assistance. LD 1622 has bi-partisan support and deserves to be the new standard for retirement financial well-being. Help make your and your family’s “golden years” affordable and secure. For more information contact [email protected]

Suzanne Carmichael

AARP Maine volunteer

Deer Isle

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