Republican “Wealth Care Bill” is a Trojan horse

Dear Editor:

There were several letters to the editor of another local newspaper today decrying the fact that the Republican Party, minus Sen. Collins, the only Republican willing to vote against taking health care from tens of millions of Americans, because the bill is pitted against the poor, the elderly and those who gained access through the subsidies in the Affordable Care Act.

This was never a “health care repeal and replace” bill. It’s a Trojan horse to derail Medicaid as we know it over the next 10 years and give the trillion dollars it strips out of health care to the wealthiest via a tax cut. Have they no shame? And what about the “Christians” who support this travesty? I refer them to St. Matthew’s dictum: “You cannot serve both God and mammon”.

Among many other sorrows I and my family suffered for lack of health care, was standing, 40-odd years ago, staring at the hole in the ground into which the child’s casket of my 9-year-old son was about to be lowered into. Yes. People do die from lack of the health care they need to deal with their infirmities and illnesses.

The aforementioned letters point out that Sen. John McCain is hospitalized for brain cancer. I have great respect for him, for his decency, his integrity and his valor in the Navy. I wish him the best. But I cannot understand, much less respect, his support of the Republican Wealth Care Bill as it’s being nicknamed (as was “Obamacare” for the Affordable Care Act). We’ve been here before. The Iraq War. The SCUSA injecting itself into the 2000 presidential vote. Comey, doing likewise with his letter just before the election. Bum’s rush. Why is anyone surprised at who is in the White House?

Nancy J. Fitzgerald


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