Dear Editor:

It will likely never become clear what we did to deserve the ascension of our present “leader.”

More to the point, what can we do now? We have an unambiguous liar who cannot distinguish fact from fibbing; a narcissist who requires center stage at all times while doling out revenge whenever an employee seems at odds with his dictates. A man who never reads, gets most of his information from TV or talk radio. He has spent three years destroying much of the progress made by the previous administration, generally without cause or logic, apparently to bolster various fossil fuel corporations. He has shredded the budget of the national park system, enacted tax programs that benefit the richest 5 percent of us, spent massive sums that benefit the Pentagon where we have already been spending far more than any other nation on this Earth. The list goes on and on. We must stop it. Our future demands change. To save our democracy, we must install another administration.

I thought we could do this next November, until our incumbent started dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, recommending taking untried pills and injecting cleaning solutions into our bodies, which cannot do anything but hasten death. I am not sure we can (or should) wait any longer. Reimpeachment?

John C. Van Pelt


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