Rate hikes will be national parks’ undoing

Dear Editor:

The raising of rates to such extremes will serve to make national parks unavailable to families in the middle class, which is most of us. This will support an attitude of disinterest in preserving what is left of “wilderness.”

One must ask who gains the most when these parks are dismantled. Couple the raising of rates to such levels with the proposed tax plan that will withdraw support for preservation and you have the permanent undoing of national parks.

When this land lies unprotected by law, industry will move in for the kill. Look at any map of the United States of America that shows the pipeline network that covers our nation like the arteries in a body. Try to imagine what the nation will look, smell and taste like when all the land is poisoned, all the water is fouled and the air is putrid with the smell of “industry.” Maybe then even the ones who can never have enough will be looking for a place to breathe clean air, drink pure water, look at the stars and listen to the voices of wilderness.

Do not think that we are so easily deceived, Mr. Zinke.

Beverly Dodd

Blue Hill

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