Putting people and environment first

Dear Editor:

I urge all to take the time to look into the Green Independent campaign of Lisa Savage for the Senate race in the state of Maine in 2020.

Lisa’s campaign is premised on people, planet and peace. She is a candidate who would be working for the people, not for corporate entities, and for a sustainable future for our children and generations to come.

Lisa stands behind a Green New Deal, Medicare for all, free higher public education for all, fair wages and rights for workers and the effort to put an end to the senseless and endless wars that have stifled our country and society for years.

If you can identify with principles of social justice, environmentalism and nonviolence and believe in grassroots democracy, equal opportunity, decentralization, community-based economics, respect for diversity and future focus and sustainability, I believe she could be the right candidate for you.

Please take some time to read about Lisa Savage and check out her web page to further educate yourself on a candidate who represents the decent values and issues that Mainers are concerned about. Lisaformaine.org.

June Sendrowski


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