Pulling for Pebworth in November

Dear Editor:

After meeting and talking with Sarah Pebworth, we are totally convinced that Sarah will make a great state representative for the Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Sedgwick and Surry area. Sarah is running as a Clean Election candidate, which makes her more responsive to all the citizens of Maine rather than only those who can give major donations.

As the owner of the Blue Hill Inn, Sarah understands the issues faced by small business and the importance of promoting economic growth for our area. As an innkeeper, Sarah learned how to solve problems and challenges that many people in our area face on a regular basis. Working with other local business, farmers as well as her guests taught Sarah the importance of collaboration with a wide variety of people.

As a former teacher, Sarah understands the importance of working with others to make education possibilities for all ages on our peninsula and statewide. Sarah not only understands the importance of providing a quality education for our young people but she is passionate and cares about their future here in Maine.

I am convinced that Sarah Pebworth is someone we can trust to work hard for all the people of our area and our state. I encourage you to support her as our next state representative.

Rev. Charles and Alison Stephens

Blue Hill

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