Protect Chandler Bay

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen, a lifelong environmentalist, and summer resident of Jonesport. When we first visited the Jonesport area six years ago, we fell in love with not only the incredible Bold Coast scenic views, but also the friendly, down-to-earth, hardworking residents who welcomed us as new neighbors. We were fortunate to purchase a small cottage directly on Chandler Bay, with a spectacular view of the bay right out to the Gulf of Maine and the open Atlantic Ocean. Just yesterday afternoon my wife and I watched a pair of seals in a feeding frenzy, swirling the crystal-clear waters only yards off the granite boulders below our front yard, while a pair of bald eagles made their daily flight from Natt Point over to their afternoon perch on Bar Island. We enjoy waking every morning to the low rumble of our neighbors’ lobster boats setting their traps, because we know that they are harvesting the incredible bounty of the sea right off our front yard. As I write this, I can see literally hundreds of lobster buoys floating all over the bay, a confirmation of a stable, productive marine environment.

Chandler Bay is one of the most pristine, biologically healthy (as witnessed from the amount of marine and wildlife life activity) that I have ever seen, and it should be protected from ANY industrial activity that might upset the delicate environmental balance that it currently maintains.

The new “land-based” fish farm proposed to be built near Natt Point directly on the shore of Chandler Bay now threatens to permanently upset that delicate environmental balance. While the proponents of the industrial fish farm claim that their impact to the Chandler Bay ecology will be minimal, they cannot guarantee it. Any activity that puts four (4) each, four-foot diameter pipes  directly under the surface of this relativity shallow body of water, and circulates some 28.7 millions gallons of possibly contaminated seawater in and out of Chandler Bay daily, cannot have some impact on the environment and sea life.

As a fiscal conservative, I do support any new job-creating proposal for this hardworking community, as long as it does not have a negative impact on our environment. I am not opposed to adding a sustainable aquaculture industry to this area, but there must be some other location that the proponents can use besides Chandler Bay. Let them find one.


G.A. Chapman


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