Pro-Trump commentary an embarrassment

Dear Editor:

The cold and bleak midwinter of Hancock County must have stilled the keyboards and pens of the coterie of writers of letters to the editor. Why else would you devote fully one-third of your Letters page to a commentary piece, “President Trump is getting it done,” by Phil Grant, a commentary so poorly documented and reasoned as to be embarrassing to its author. This commentary amounts to little more than clap-trap, i.e. pretentious nonsense, that Grant as a former educator would surely reward with an “F” had he received a submission of this quality.

No sentient person can read this commentary and not wonder in what alternate reality the author resides. But perhaps his purpose was satire. If so, he has succeeded magnificently; if not, one fears for his analytical skills, for Grant has, similar to his March 30, 2017, commentary, “Trump is on the move,” constructed little more than a panegyric to the Trump administration’s first year in office, stunning in its counterfactual nature. One cannot escape the conclusion that Grant is not merely a rhetorical recidivist, but a confirmed rhetorical recidivist.

The American owes its readers far better. I trust you will provide equal space to a writer who offers a more well-documented and analytically robust assessment of the first year of the Trump debacle. It is indeed ironic that Grant’s commentary appears in the same edition of The American in which on Page 1 of the Editorial section a commentary by James Russell Wiggins also appears — “Newspapers always have strived to stir the pot of ‘American discontent.’” Wiggins begins, “Whatever the root causes of the Revolution, it was the colonial press that stirred American discontent until it boiled over into resistance and revolution.”

Mr. Grant would be well served to recognize that while history does not repeat itself, it does rhyme, and the pot of discontent being stirred against this presidency by newspapers (and other legitimate media outlets) throughout the country has only begun to bubble.

G. Wilson Thomas II

Hilton Head Island, S.C. and Hancock

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