Powering the future of Maine

Dear Editor:

Should Maine control its own future? Seth Berry’s proposal for a Maine consumer-owned utility run by Mainers and benefiting Maine, not Spain, has CMP breaking out in a sweat. The mantra they are using is “there is no guarantee that it will work.” We hear this over and over as if it has been rehearsed. Well, they are right! There are no guarantees, but history shows that private foreign companies owning Maine’s power future absolutely does not work! There is not even a glimmer of hope under the current structure.

While we are on the subject, though, I would like to ask what guarantee is there that CMP will improve reliability to Maine’s customers? What guarantees that Maine will not continue to place last in reliability? What guarantees that CMP will change its ways and become preventive rather than reactive toward power outages? What guarantees that CMP will replace its old and antiquated infrastructure with a new improved 21st century design? What guarantees that CMP will treat customers with respect and invite their input to improve customer service? What guarantees that CMP’s customers will be billed correctly in the future and past bills will be corrected? What guarantees that even one of CMP’s promises concerning NECEC will be delivered upon? What guarantees any of the supposed savings to Maine ratepayers? What guarantees the environment won’t be damaged? What guarantees the new corridor will be clean? What guarantees there won’t be hundreds of ugly wind turbines damaging views along this corridor?

CMP/Iberdola/Avangrid’s history rather informs us that continued reliance upon its private-run grid will bring more of the same havoc. Why should we trust a company that has proven its lack of concern for Maine customers and interests. The future is bleak with CMP. Time for a change! Mainers want safe, reliable, affordable, clean electricity without destroying the beauty of Maine in the process.

Let’s do the hard work of creating a consumer-owned utility and look toward a brighter future!

Rev. Darien (Deke) Sawyer


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