Poliquin reaches beyond party lines

Dear Editor:

As politicians continue to divide party lines, Congressman Poliquin leads by reaching across to the aisle to work with Democrats. Congressman Poliquin has been working alongside fellow Democratic Maine Congresswoman Pingree to be able to better serve the people of Maine.

Bruce has helped reduce regulations and unnecessary costs to Maine’s lobster industry by passing legislation in Congress. Congressman Poliquin has always put the people of Maine first, and does not let party affiliation affect what he was sent to Washington to do. He is committed to ensuring that Maine’s economy continues to grow. By reducing regulations, it allows small business to be able to enter the market without any constraints. This allows smaller business owners more opportunities to create jobs and expand their businesses. But more importantly, this shows that Congressman Poliquin is dedicated to his constituents by showing leadership to reach beyond party lines. Maine’s fisheries are important to its economy, and Congressman Bruce Poliquin is protecting Maine’s biggest assets.

Thomas M. White


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