Poliquin oversells and underperforms

Dear Editor:

On Aug. 9, Mr. Thomas White wrote in a letter to this paper (“Poliquin reaches over party lines”) reporting that Congressman (Bruce) Poliquin reached across the aisle to help serve the people of Maine by working with Congresswoman Pingree to assist the lobster industry. Kudos to Bruce for doing his job.

In contrast, the congressman’s voting record shows that 97 percent of the time he has voted with President Trump and/or Paul Ryan, oftentimes directly opposing the financial and social interests of the people he was elected to represent.

His voting record shows that since Trump became president, Poliquin has voted three times to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which, by his own estimates, would take away health care for about 50,000 of his constituents. (Most experts feel this is a low estimate, putting it closer to 75,000). In addition, passage of the replacement bill likely would have shuttered numerous assisted living facilities in rural Maine, a fact he chose to ignore during the voting.

He also voted for the massive tax cut bill, which has already increased the national debt by almost a trillion dollars in 2018. As many of you recall, the Republicans’ promises included $4,000 per year wage increases and tax returns that could be filed on a postcard if this legislation passed. Furthermore, the bill repealed the individual mandate, which will hit most of us in the pocketbook next year.

Additionally, the congressman supports a president who separates children from their parents and who has hurt the economy of his district with tariffs that have harmed the lobster industry, among others. Newsweek reported ICE agents asking people boarding buses to Canada in Bangor if they are U.S. citizens. Apparently this type of activity is fine with Poliquin, since he had no comment as usual.

Through the years I have attended numerous town hall meetings of both Democrat and Republican politicians to learn about their positions on topics that are important to my neighbors and myself. Congressman Poliquin has chosen to avoid large groups of his constituents for fear of facing angry mobs due to his voting record.

Unlike Mr. Thomas, I cannot support Congressman Poliquin since he chooses to vote against the interests of the people of Maine and to support Trump’s irrational policies. Like Trump, Poliquin has a history of overselling and underperforming.

Gary J. Loft


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