Poliquin has much to answer for

Dear Editor:

I am a resident of Cherryfield in Congressional District 2 and I’m writing to voice my dismay and anger at the shoddy way the people in Maine have been treated by Bruce Poliquin. His active role in the sabotage of the Affordable Health Care Act has led directly to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield pulling out of the individual exchange market in our state and wreaking havoc on the lives of 29,000 Mainers with only 60 days left in the year.

Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield attributes its decision directly to the uncertainty of the market caused by the recklessness of the Republicans in Congress and their rabid attempt to undermine the law of the land. Poliquin has marched in lockstep with his party the entire way, forgetting the range of people he was elected to represent, including the many small business owners and self-employed individuals who can afford to live in our towns only because of the ACA and the individual exchanges. For how long, I wonder?

Poliquin has stood silently by as Trump announced his intention to starve the ACA by not releasing federal subsidies (which many of his constituents rely on). He ducked into a bathroom to avoid being questioned about his support for the cruel ACHA bill that would have doomed the poor, elderly and sick in our state (the vast majority). And last but not least, he did not utter a single word of objection when the same administration shortened the open enrollment time for ACA sign-up and declared it would shut the website down almost every Sunday that the enrollment was open.

Jobs are increasingly scarce where I live and the community is aging. How are we supposed to attract small businesses and entrepreneurial young people if nobody can get health insurance except through a large company? Sabotaging the ACA is akin to sabotaging the people who elected him. He’s done nothing to attract business to our county, and now he’s doing everything he can to make it impossible for self-starters to live here. I can only assume that he will get a nice campaign contribution from the Koch brothers this year, but he will not get my vote.

Lorina Look


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